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All Aleur Garments are handmade to order in Montréal, Québec. We are a slow fashion brand that uses Organic and Overstock fabrics to create Sustainable loungewear. We focus on small-batch production in order to maintain agility and control of the production cycle. It's the best way to unsure fair and ethical manufacturing. In order to meet demand efficiently, we make orders with small-batch local manufacturers, as well as sew most orders in our Montréal atelier. 


Repair Program: Once you purchase aleur, you're guaranteed free repair on that item. One of the most exciting things about in-studio production is having access to all machines at any time. We take responsibility for making quality garments that you can wear for the rest of your life. With that said, life happens and sometimes thread breaks, but don't worry we're here to fix it for you. We want to do everything we can to prolong the life of clothing with reinforced stitching and repair. This helps to avoid CO2 emissions, waste output, and of course, it saves you money. 

You can email to answer any questions about your garment.


A majority of our collections are made with natural materials. We use GOTS CERTIFIED STANDARD 100 Linen and Cotton. We also source overstock fabrics in order to reduce industry textile waste. It also conserves energy and reduces the carbon footprint that would've been expended on producing new fabric. We shop at huge warehouses in the old textile sector of Montréal to find cool overstock fabrics that would otherwise be burned or thrown in a landfill. There's something special about creating beautiful collections with discontinued fabric that you can't find anywhere else. Overstock fabrics are perfect for small batch production, as we only need about 40 meters to create few sizes ranges of a garment. We believe this is an excellent divergence from fast fashion mass-production, which creates an enormous amount of waste in scraps and unsold products. 


We arrange and cut out pieces thoughtfully to create less waste. We use fabric scraps for alternative production like scrunchies or dust bags. Small batch production is an essential part in preventing overproduction waste. We release small collections so that each release is thoughtful and considerate of its place in this world.